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Mobile Applications

In today's on-the-go world, you need to be wherever your consumers are. A custom mobile app puts you in the palm of their hands. Tablets are redefining the way users access and experience content. Can your brand afford to be left behind?.....Read more


Mobile Website

Web is becoming more accessible by wireless devices.In 2008 mobile access to the Internet exceeded desktop computer access. Websites are optimized for computer use and on mobile devices the will take very long to load and will not show properly and unreadable.....Read more


Facts you need to know

Ok, so you have a website, you spent thousands of dollars to create the site and promote it, did you know that almost 86% of users that visited your site left the site after 12 seconds? get some strong facts about why you need to go mobile for stronger visibility .....Read more


Google Places

Google compiles business information from a multitude of public sources and creates a listing for each business. After insuring your listing is accurate, you can do a lot of other useful things to market your products and services to consumers......Read more


Local SEO (search engine optimization)

For businesses looking to reach a larger, more locally-targeted audience, Local SEO is the way to establish a successful presence online ranking the first few search results on the search engines pages improving your visibility including local map search and mobile search results.....Read more


Promote with QR codes

What are QR codes and how can they help your business? QR codes are a way to send information to mobile devices. ComScore reported that 14 million American mobile users scanned a QR code in June 2011 (6% percent of all mobile device users)......Read more

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